VNE leadership is 100% PMP and/or DAWIA Level III certified, employs the best practices of Project Management and Streamlined Acquisition plus proven, effective strategies for program acquisition support. VNE holds active, relevant and recent acquisition, operations and technical experience supporting US Navy, US Marine Corps, FBI, and DTRA contracts. Our main business focus areas are depicted via the below graphic.


  • Software: ACP. The Automated Collection Planning (ACP) Tool is a Collection Management tool designed for the Intelligence Analyst and is currently in use as a GOTS product at the USMC. Developed as part of the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Large Tactical Sensor Network (LTSN) II effort and enhanced by the Technical Control and Analysis Center (TCAC) program, ACP is a web-based application providing collection planning, management and tasking for all ISR sensors.
  • Training. USMC Intelligence School. VNE supports the Intel School with Training support in all the “INT” disciplines. Sample topic areas of instruction include Collection Management, IPB, and Electronic Warfare plus many more.


  • SeaPort NxG [Prime]
  • RS3 [Prime]
  • GSA MAS [Prime)
  • USMC CDD [Prime]
  • SOF Core Services [Sub]
  • CIO SP3 [Sub]


  • USMC
  • US Navy
  • FBI
  • DTRA
  • US Army

Intelligent Designs for Intelligence Solutions

Intelligent Designs for Intelligence Solutions